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I need your assistance very bad. My 87 GN has been emitting occasional heavy lt gray smoke since the high pressure oil hose broke. What's causing it???

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Original turbo with 220,000 miles on it.

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Wow! That's gotta be some kinda record for a stock turbo!

Does the smoke have a blue-ish tint to it and is it coming from the tailpipe or from under the engine? If from the tailpipe, its either bad turbo seal, oil sucked in through breather, valve seals, or worn rings. If from under the car, bad valve cover gaskets, oil pan gasket, rear main seal, or front main seal and oil is burning on crossover pipe. Hope that helps.

The heavy smoke is coming out of the exhaust. Anyway, you guys know someone who can fix the seal? I also live in the Windward side, Kahaluu to be exact.
How about Upgrading???

I don't know of anyone on island that I would trust to fix the seals. Do you have any other modifications to the car? Like removing the passenger side breather tube or anything? Does it only smoke under boost? The turbos I've had that had the seals go or bearings go, it would only smoke when I started getting into the boost. Otherwise, I personally would be more suspicious of valve seals or ring with that many miles.

But if it is the turbo, I would look for a used TE-44 or something. A small upgrade. ;) Or take the car down for a few weeks and send your stock turbo back to a reputable dealer on the mainland to get it repaired.

This is all just my $.02 on this subject. And I have no idea what work has been done to the car. But I'm willing to bet with 220,000 miles, there are some tired parts in it (i.e. valve springs and rings).

The original engine was changed about two years ago. This rebuilt engine I have now has about 20000 miles so I think the valves and rings are not the cause of the smoke. How much will it cost for an upgrade? You know anyone in the mainland where I can send the old one for repair? Aloha.
You can order a "center housing rotating assembly" for about $250. Just need to swap out your housings assuming they're in good shape. Core charge is around $100, but you get that back when you send in your old CHRA. It's pretty darn expensive to ship a complete turbo both ways. The CHRA alone is much lighter.

If you want to try swapping out your turbo to confirm that it is the problem, let me know as I have one you can use.

Hi Tom,

Can we meet on Saturday? Give me the time and place and I will be there. And mahalo for the offer.
Give me a call Friday night, at work, between 1 and 9 p.m. I work for the National Guard, but if you just ask for Thomas, they'll know who to get. The phone number is 448-7208. Dinner time (5 p.m.) is usually the best. We can try to arrange a time for Saturday.

High Pressure Oil Hose???

I was just reading your original post again and noticed that it started when a high pressure oil hose broke. What high pressure oil hose? The only oil hose I can think of on a stock GN is the one to the turbo. If this is the case, then I would say (personally) that the bearings in the turbo are probably in desperate need of replacement now too.. :( I found out that it doesn't take long for those bearings to go bad with only reduced oil flow to them. I would check the endplay of your turbo shaft and see it I wobbles around in there...


You are absolutely right. Tom came this afternoon and noticed the turbo shaft is loose and oil inside the turbo. Anyone there knew where I can get CHRA?