Hellcat Double Tap


gallo vicioso
Oct 6, 2007
Was cruising down the 133S and merging to get on the 405N in Irvine on Monday when a Black on Grey Hellcat Charger followed by a Black on Maroon Hellcat Challenger came up behind me, hot.

As we navigated the ramp onto the 405, I was thinking to myself...."These guys are about to get schooled on...BOOST!" ...and I got ready for a Hello Kitty Double Tap.

We started merging onto the 405, and as they made their move to go around me, I nailed it!

As I wondered where my boost went, and they cruised by me on my left without ...you know...actually trying....I snapped out of it and remembered I was in my 2012 Hyundai Sonata....and not in my 87 Grand National....

Another day, boys....another day...
...cluck, cluck, cluck...
That's how it always seems to go. Years ago, I was driving north on the I-5 and noticed some sort of "prototype" Saleen mustang. Guess who was driving? The man himself. (a celebrity sighting!) I thought it would be nice to give it a try and see, but alas, my Buick was at home and I was in my slow Audi.

Of course, when I was in my GN, full tank and Alky already set on Kill, I ran into an older gent driving a purpleish (IDK the color, looked purple to me) Lambo. Not sure the vintage. Looked new and this was in 2006 or so... On the I-5 on an early Sat or Sun morning. No real traffic to speak of... I pulled up and opened the electronic cut-out hoping for a brief encounter. He never broke 55mph. I'm sure he would have ate my lunch, but he apparently did want to waste the gas. :D