hello All , New to Turbobuick.com


Feb 10, 2009
Hello everyone,
Wanted to say hello. I live in Arkansas, and over the past 4 years or so have been getting the itch for a nice GN to put into the garage. Looks like I will enjoy looking over all the info posted on the site... If anyone wants to shoot the breeze please do!
Take care,
no kiddin

LOL no kidding! I have been looking for nice GN for past 3-4 years...im sure you know the drill! I'll prob stick to the 10500-12500 range...I dont need a trailer queen.... something fun to run around in from time to time... Of course Arkansas has crap for a drag strip, so it usually a drive over to Memphis to get any type of 1/4 mile action....
what part of arkansas do you live in? I am 20 miles from ft.smith on the okla. side. I know where a real nice turbo t is for about 7k if you are interested. let me know. thanks