hello retail value, good by sleeper effect

Oh well...lets hope that the car isnt molested and they leave the v6 sound as opposed to a rumbling v8 or even worse...a flame shooting fart can :rolleyes:
Oh well...lets hope that the car isnt molested and they leave the v6 sound as opposed to a rumbling v8 or even worse...a flame shooting fart can :rolleyes:

They will tear that car apart if its a real GNX. They do it to all the cars in the movie.
Every kid will want a GNX now

I think every kid out there will want a GNX now this things about to erupt!!!:rolleyes:
I'm gonna shave my head, reduce my vocabulary, get some shades and hang my guns out the window. Should add about $10K to the GN.
Looks like their saying the backdrop will be RIO...nothing wrong with the brazilian ladies
Wonder how big of a wing they'll put on it:eek:

Like GN's aren't already the hot ticket for theives......
I just hope they don't do the "tire smoking wheelies" again. These are some of the worst movies ever-I don't expect no. 4 to be any better.
Great! Just great......There will be a big interest in our cars, and you know damn well there will be more and more 'my brother has a gnx' or 'the gnx's were twin turbo, V8s with NAWS and wings from the factory, ALONG WITH A MANUAL!!!'

Then Vin Diesel will have a cheesy ass line like he always does when he rolls up, and the bov sounds and says 'when the clutch engages and once the motor gets 45 pounds of boost from my twin turbos, it'll just be like back in 1987 when I was beating every vette in town...''*rev* *BOV noise*'

I really hope they dont have our car in there, i mean really....it will be a complete joke. :mad:
As stated above, now our cars will be even bigger targets for theft!:mad: Thanks!
First,I really hope it's not a real GNX. If it's a replica, I hope they had some sort of technical advice from someone other than he guy that came up with the tire smokin' wheelie. Now every idiot that sees the movie will ask me how big my BOV is. I can't wait for the first guy to tell me I don't have a real GNX because I only have one turbo. Really, thanks for the info. All this time I thought I paid 4k for a super rare single turbo GNX w no emblems and a '84 N/A 3.8 vin code. I must be the fool here.

I'll probably watch it when it gets to TV so I can mute and FF through the non GNX parts
The new movie Alien vs Predator will have a GN in it also, it Belongs to Richard Soon up in BC Canada, When Richard and I were talking about this at TT8 in Bremerton the movie company took very good care of his car which is a high 10 and low 11 sec car. He filled the tank with C-16 and turned the boost down just in case. Richard, I hope you do not mind me saying this!!

No offense to anyone but the whole high-and-mighty act is kinda pathetic "now dozens of ricers are going to bother me about my car!", I doubt it. Maybe the thing about theft is a valid point but other than that, it's not the end of the world guys, relax. I think it's cool to see a Buick get some attention for once instead of seeing the usual muscle cars that you see in every movie. If it's driven by Vin's character hopefully that means the car has a decent role in the movie. Yes, with any luck, they won't wreck it as part of the story, but they probably will destroy a few cars just from having to mount cameras and everything. I think for the Mustang in Tokyo Drift they had a total of 5 cars, 2 ended up completely wrecked.
I just hope they don't use a gnx for anything but for show shots. It's bad enough they will probably use and abuse real GNs. Let's just hope someone takes into consideration while working with these cars that a lot of parts are not being made anymore. If they were smart they won't use ANY real turbo car for the crash scene (you know there's gonna be one). Use a regal and clone it to look like one. As far as this film creating more interest and value in our cars I doubt it will happen. The only way it will is if 1-It doesn't get wrecked, motor blows up, etc. 2-Make the car one of the stars and make it seem indestructable and unbeatable like "Gone In 60 Seconds" did for the fastback mustangs, and "The Dukes of Hazzard" movie did for the charger. Look how much those chargers went up in value and how many people wanted them. I am interested in seeing the movie. But if they do some stupid crap like they did with the mustang in the third one I'll be dissapointed. It better be AND stay ALL Buick. To me there's no reason the car shouldn't be glorified. Yes the series of movies was based on import drag racing BUT there are some import guys that have american muscle and would prefer these cars. I know a few. They play with both. But the import is the driver, the domestic is the racer. Like said, no reason they can't have #4 whcih seems to be the final chapter, have the main characters drive domestic. Makes sense anyway. Look at Austrailians, they LOVE AMERICAN muscle. My 2 cents.