Well I'm new to this, and by this i mean the whole threads and posts thing. This is actually my first post ever. But when using this site (AWESOME) for the umpteenth time i figured what better place to get my virtual feet wet. I got my GN 8 years ago, it was a steal. Found out quick about the quirks it has, nearly two years on stands for a bad connector. But i found this site and the community it has are unsurpassed. I look forward to helping any one i can.

'86 GN its all stock and Im gonna try to keep it that way. But a chip and injectors might be somthing just to help with retard for high rpm. Im still working on how to get photos in a post. Im a little more handy with a wrench than a keyboard...
welcome aboard and good luck on keeping it stock. i see a fuel pump and hotwire kit in your future to help with your knock issues. (thats how it always starts):biggrin: