Help! Ticking noise from D/S Valve Cover


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Ok, I recently pulled the motor to reeplace the the HG's. Motor is back in the car and seems to be running stronng on 20lbs of boost and 110. No knock 24* timing.

My problem is Im hearing a ticking sound coming from the valve train under teh driver side Valve Cover. I set the lash at Zero and tightened the set screws another half a turn. I reset the lash again to zero and tightened the set screws 3/4 of a turn this time. The ticking sound is still there and im not sure what is causing it. I didnt notice this sound when I first got the motor. Any ideas on what could be causing the noise. I was told because it is a roller motor that the VT will bit a lil noisey, but I never noticed this sound until now. I let some one else take a look at it and they seem to think its still something wrong with the V/T because of the noise/loud ticking sound. Car runs good it just makes that ticking sound. What could it be? The passenger side doesnt make this noise at all. I looked at the springs and they look good. valve train seems to move properly when i turn the car over. What givees?

Heads are AL GN1s

Wow, lots of mods done to your car! I am unfamiliar with roller cam conversions. You need to isolate the problem to a specific cylinder. I think we may be talking about a lifter problem here. It could also be hardware, but you need to find the cylinder or cylinders on which it occurs. A stethoscope may help.At least you have adjustable rocker arms. Let us know.
Funny on my drive into work this morning i was thinking the same thing. ;)

Anyone else with any input on what the problem could be :confused:
well hearing is believing, but could it be an exhaust leak sometimes they sound like other things, especially small leaks. I cant say its not the VT though, cause i cant hear that far.