Help w/ paint code


Jan 21, 2007
Can anyone help me out w/ paint ID

RPO sticker has 2 number sets @ bottom of tag

U WA8573L Med grey
WA8535 light silver

Now ... I don't understand why there are 2 numbers. From what I am reading this would be for 2-tone. can anyone confirm? Where there 2-tone TB other then the WH1?

Thanx in advance
yep there were!

The trunk ID on mine is D84 for the 1987 version of Designer paint 'tho I am not at the garage now. You could get this in 4 color combinations - gray/silver, brown/bronze, and variations of blue and red I think. HTH - someone can help with exact paint codes.
There technically was no WH1 package for 87, but there was a 2-tone option available, and I believe dwall is correct on the combos: grey/silver;brown/bronze;dk blue/lt blue;and dk red/rosewood(?)
Those are identical to the codes on....

my trunk options sticker. Ours lists D84 for the Designer paint scheme for 1987.

It is different from WH1/Designer of previous years in color combo and paint locations. I will attach a picture of ours and the 86 WH1 that I think sold at Barret Jackson this year.


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designer paint not designer series....duhh! (I'll try reading with my eyes open next time)
No problem here.... Hope the two tone paint question is answered?

designer paint not designer series....duhh! (I'll try reading with my eyes open next time)

As I remember there are a couple things that are just as good or better with your eyes closed!:biggrin:

Not to steal the thread but I will go looking for pictures of the other three two-tone/designer paint color combos. I have seen pictures but it would be nice to have a picture of each all in one location.

Dwall, curious did you ever find pics of the other two-tones? I am searching now.