help with CCom WP


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I tried to do some logging last night for the first time with the new software... i went to Setup Realtime logging and picked 15 frame/sec, 10 min max logging time, 14 sensor dash, TPS trigger, 51% threshold...

then i went to arm realtime logging.. then i hit enter to arm it... when i got on the gas, the logging started, but it was only doing like 1 frame every 1.7 seconds.... i tried going through the procedure a couple of times and tried manual and triggered logging, but i could never get anywhere close to 15 frames/sec... what am i doing wrong???

i hope not... i thought that there was no practical limit (except hard drive space) on the log size with CComWP.... am i wrong? if so, what are the limits? is it a certain amount of time? or a certain number of frames? the menu options let me pick those settings so i figured they were valid...
You might have run into the sensor bandwidth limit. If you had another table window open with a dash being updated along with your logging dash and that resulted in more than 14 unique sensors to be updated, C-Com WP will revert to a slower communication mode where sensors are polled individually instead of in blocks. The Windows communication driver has some overhead that results in longer delays when used this way.
i see... so let's say i only have the logging window open and i select a 12 sensor dash... should i be able to log at >=10 frames/sec for 5 minutes or more? i.e. there's no max frame limit like the DOS version, right?

With C-Com WP, you could log 14 sensors at 20 fps for 30 minutes if you wanted. (providing you had the space available on your drive of course)