Help with scan results and knock


Nov 2, 2018
I installed alky kit and everything was going well. All the sudden 4 weeks in the car bogs and misses once it's warmed up about 5 minutes in. Before that its fine and runs great.

Can someone take a look at the scan results of my latest drive? I'm getting random knock when coasting as well as you can see on the attached pdf.

I have new exhaust, 3 in down pipe, alky 18 psi, hardwire, dw300 and tt chip w/ 60lb injectors.

Any help would be appreciated. I was kinda thinking my maf may be going bad as my 02 seems weird to me. That has been replaced 2 times so I know it's good.

Fuel pressure is good as well.

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Lol whoops not sure how to delete attached files.

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