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Nov 11, 2001
I need advice as to what subs to use. I was thinking of 3 tens but don't have anything yet. I don't need a lot of bass, can't hear very well as it is. I think it had something to do with the four 12s in my 72 Cutlass in high school. Anyway, I just want decent sound in the smallest and lightest package as possible. I have the trunk kit from BGC and want to carpet the box and make it look good for the shows. If possible I would like to mount the amps and all hardware on the box with quick disconnect fittings so it can be removed quickly for the track. Am I asking for too much? If anybody has plans or ideas for something like this please let me know. If I had the measurements I could build it myself. BTW, the amp is an old school Orion 2125. outdated but it works and hopefully will be hidden anyway. TIA
What you are wanting is feasable. There are a few different combos out there but I would go for 2 10" subs that would be light enough to move the cabinet and also pound a little. Here is a pic of mine but it is a permanent install with ports vented through the rear deck. The reason that the cabinet is so big is because I integrated a 12 Disc Alpine changer to bottom of box to save on trunk space when I trimmed out trunk for the rest of my audio equipment.


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2-10 will be good but 2-12 will be better, depending on the room you got. I will assume you are going to lay it in your trunk? That old school Orion will be perfect! I loved those amps!
Originally posted by TurboV6
2-10 will be good but 2-12 will be better

Very true!! I built a woofer cabinet for Scott M. on the board for 2 12" DVC Fosgates and it was a very heavy once you loaded the RFs in it but they will give you a little more "bump" than the 10s.
2 12's will play lower, because of the larger cone area, and get a little louder, because it can move more air