Hemmings Muscle Machines feb.. GN issue


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May 24, 2001
This is a must have guys!

There are 2 articles with GN's in them. One was the 10 best musclecars under $10k which the GN was chosen as one of the 10..

The other was a complete GN and GNX article. History, pictures.. Color 6 page article. Its a DEFINATE GN collector keeper!
I read in their first or second issue they'd be doing an article on 'em but didn't know when it would come out. Thanks for the heads up.

I subscribe. I don't think its out yet on the newstand. Check barnes & noble, I think they carry it in a few days.
not here yet

I subscribe also & haven't received that issue yet.
Thanks for the alert! :)
This is one awesome magazine!

I subscribe to HMM as well, ever since the first issue came out a few months ago. This is by far my favorite magazine right now. I got the first issue on the Barnes and Noble newsstand, so I'd check there as the best bet. I haven't seen this mag any place else but there in this town.

The articles on the GN/GNX are similar to what we've all seen before, but are different enough to warrant a look. Also, the other cars featured are usually the more obscure musclecars of the times.
Just received mine. One of the better Muscle Car mags out there. Well done with nice photos and in depth articles on feature cars.
They seem to focus on stock/factory muscle nothing to technical.