here we go again

Otto J

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May 31, 2001
finally after a month of figuring i straightened out my trans, ever scince i rebuilt it about a month ago or so my trans would act funny and slip in second and would shift out of first instantly with a little throttle,when it warmed up, this trans was spectacular,so after removing it twice and checking it out,replacin the vavle body,the govenor, putting we4s boost,pr,and 1-2 boost valves in same probleml,so i figure one more time i will remove this valvebody(last friday)and in studying the sep plate i realized
it was some what warped and had inconsistant high spots in it
(this trans sat in a car not moving with some water in it for about 3 years) changed the plate and THIS THING IS AWESOME lays out second gear and will bark off third easy.
so today i hear i little whine coming from the pump(which was rebuilt with 10 veins and hardened rings and a high rev kit)
so i figure take my time on the way back to work and limp it home,a bout a mile later a hear a pop! no movement at all!!
tow it home pull it out dissasemble and there it is my 10 vein pump rotor in peices!! but the rings are in one peice!!
will be back on the road tommorrow though
what a B!&TH.
just had to get that off my shoulders thanks for listening
I wrote a post on rebuilding pumps but for the life of me I can't find it. If anybody still has please repost.

Thats what your gonna need....

put it back togethernwith a reman pump, drove great, so i decided to fulkl throttle it,the car over revved trying to go into 2cd so i let off the throttle and boom!! no movement again, will take it back out in the am and check it sounds like the pump broke again, is it possible that too much pressure c ould cause pumps to shatter they have unbreakable rings and the rotor is what broke last time .what should be max pressure when full throttle?
and what can i do to lower my 1-2 shift? my 2-3 shift is to early so i dont want to let the cable out
please help i cant deal with this thing much longer
thanks Otto
I'd begin to suspect an alignment, dimensional or runout problem.

Before you disassemble it again, measure how much torque converter free-play you have between the flexplate and the mounting pads. 1/8" to 3/16" is ideal. Too little and the converter can bottom out in the pump; too much and the hub can jump out of the rotor and get on top of it.

Check the dowel holes in your case to be sure that they do not have excess wear. Verify that both dowels are, in fact, present in the back of the block.

Examine the converter hub for cracks or damage. Also, I'd bolt the converter to the flexplate and take a look at the pump-drive hub runout. Ideally, this is done with a dial indicator.

Good Luck licking this problem.
Its not a pressure problem. Also, ck thrust in crank. If pulling out that could do it. Did you ck "new pump" before install? Its defintly not presssure though... Do as Greg suggested.

well took trans out, took apart,and the forward drum splines had snapped right off!!
i have a spare so it is going back in after i eat lunch
and suggs on making my 1-2 2-3 is good and my 3-4 is good but my 1-2 is around 500 rpm too late
thanks for the help guys
And you will do it again. You need a PTS-1 billet piece. This will not be a problem anymore...

how about adjusting shift points

any ideas
the trans is back in the car and working with thos few shift points only needing adjustment
and i will be replacing that drum, the next time this thing is out ,
just for the record i have you boost valve .500,you pr valve and your .300 1-2 valve and let me just say this trans shifts like an animal
thanks for all you help
well to top it all off
sat afternoon seemed to be good was taking off insecond gear
but that went away after a good drive,
SO took the car out sat night for a ride being easy on it took be sure it is fine about 15 miles of highway i got off to cruise around town and the car felt like someone preesed the brake pedal,then it seemed ok so i was driving slow and again it felt like the brakes were on and i heard a clunk and then it seemed ok again,when i got home i heard a growl as i put it into reverse, or if i put it in low 1, so i pulled it out this morning and found that the front planet ring gear was missing a few teeth,probably why it was binding when a tooth got in the planet,
i am figuring this happened when the input drum snapped
so it is back together and i am putting back in later
will update
well its 12.00 eastern time
and the trans is back in again
and it seems to work awesome at the moment (knock on wood)
but it is raining here so i cant run it hard
we all know how these things drive in the rain
The Saga continues...:):):):);) As the Tranny Turns.......
You have our hopes and prayers......:)

Man this guy is getting close. This sounded like me with forward drums, converters and input shaft just a few short months ago. had the tranny in and out I know 6 times in 10-11 days over a 3 month period maybe 10 or more times. Total part count 3 forward drums 1-input shaft 3-converters 1-OD planet 1-stupid mistake in a hurry. The last time all billet parts. Damn that was 4 months ago. I sure miss pulling that tranny. NOT!!!!

Lonnie Diers
He is using that new heavy duty 3M double sided velcro tape. I hope you get the trans thing done so you do not break anything else. These trans are not too hard to take out and put in.