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May 24, 2001
You all know who I am and whats my story.

1) BRF Valve body w/plate drilled ready to go w/governor pinned and relieved, no gear It was run Non-Lock so no switches

2) BRF Valve body with switches no plate

3) BRF Valve Body with switches no plate

4) 2004r 10" Billet Non-Lock S-3 converter, 3500 stall , brand new. Can give build specs if desired set up for 675 ftlbs of torque on a 110 lobe center for big block Chevrolet. Very Nice piece. (shipping weight is 30lbs) See Pics Below

5) Have govenors for above VBs as well, NO 11Tooth GEARS

Cannot gaurentee switches but can give you more if desired
Pics are available if needed (Yep that's a valve body)
Please text to 916-952-9567
All payments will be by Paypal friends and family ONLY!
Shipping weight on VBs is 14 lbs but will go OneRate USPS (Insurance is optional)

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FIRST POST …. We will see how this goes informally...
What about the rosewood NA test car? Have you priced any of that stuff yet?


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I still have the rosewood PTSX test car. It now has a 410 smblk Chevy to go with it.
Would make a KILLER bracket car.
If interested contact me. That is a neat car. Has all GN and aftermarket suspension.
Fully Autometer Ultralight Pro Comp gauged.
I still have "Kenny" Dads bracket caged Black T 87 with new motor 120 miles and the first PROTOTYPE BILLET Transbrake trans in it. After Dad got sick it has just sat. Kind of a really neat car...….
LOLOLOLOL How did you know about the test car being from LA? That is funny......:giggle:
My 87 WE4 #439 is for sale as well . Too much to list
This is the infamous PRMNSGN plated car.
Serious inquires ONLY!
Bruce, if you have a 200-r4 pump with your "magic touch" applied, I would very much like one! :)