Here's a list of bulb numbers

Also when you start looking for LED's you will find that they have several of each bulb and they are of different brightness.
Those are sweet! I will look at them
I also have the sequential tail lights and I think they are awesome! The installation takes a while but its worth it in the end.
After the conversion you'll still be using the original tail lights (194), backup lights (1156), and sidemarkers (194). I'm looking into LED replacements for these bulbs.
You can go to Walmart and get the LED's for the 194 bulbs. Get the 9 LED bulbs, they are $12 for two. Those are as bright as I have found for them. The 1156 bulbs you can get on EBay. The brightness I have seen is 120SDM. I think stock is around 4-6 but not sure. I think those are $25 for two. That's what I will be using.
Hey RmvBfrFlght,
I just pulled apart my driver-side under dash and confirmed the courtesy light socket is for a miniature wedge bulb. However, the original bulb was #906 not #194. I have never replaced this bulb and I'm the original owner. The 906 bulb is 3X brighter than the 194 so you should get one for the driver-side.

I'm updating my bulb list and will post it shortly.
Being a 906 makes sense as the 194's aren't real bright. That would be closer to matching the brightness of the bayonet type 89 bulb that is also used.

I just attached Rev 2 of the list to the original post of this thread. The changes: changed driver-side courtesy light to 906, added hard top dome light 211, added dimensions to specs which is useful for selecting led replacements, and some minor formatting tweaks.

I never got confirmation on the dome light bulb but everything I find indicates it's a 211-2.

Sooo, go back to the 1st post and download Rev 2. Sorry about having to make these changes but my original intent was to create an accurate list that you could depend on (in spite of what the previous owner did or what you might read in a generic cross reference.)
- Dennis
Great list. I have owned a ton of g-bodies, I know the courtesy floor lights have come in different variations. I think the 906 is the better bulb though, the 194 isn't real bright.

Thanks again.
I just want to let those who are watching this thread that I haven't given up on the LED conversion project, its just that the winter weather here in New Jersey has been brutal. I'm looking at the outdoor thermometer now and its 10 degF, up from -3 when I woke up.

If it ever warms up (ugh!) I'll pick it back up. Probably should start a new thread so as to not overload this one, but when I do I'll link to the new one.

Stay warm,
Dennis, I hear ya with the weather, over here in Yardley PA. I'll be watching the thread.
In the process of swapping out all my interior bulbs to LED. This list is awesome, thanks man.
Couple suggested edits to the list based on what I found:

- The dome light is a 578 festoon bulb, not the 211 that's listed. The 211 is too short.

- The reading lights are a BA15D base, not a BA9S. Bulb reference is 1004.
Thanks Heskahoka for a providing a new attachment. I'm adding another since my document is now at Rev 4.

The changes from R2 are: 1) Reduced quantity of High Mount Stop Light bulbs and 2) changed hardtop dome & reading lights as per motrhed87's input (thank you).


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Contrary to popular belief, a list of bulb numbers is not included in the 1987 Buick Owner's Manual (I checked). Also since the Service Manual wiring diagrams don't show the numbers either, I decided to make a list. The draft version is attached.

I need your help to include the digital dash info and also any differences with '86 Regals. The list, so far is based on my '87 GN with analog dash and T-tops. Please reply if the hard top dome light is different or if I overlooked anything. I'll revise the list based on your input and post it here.

Why bother you might ask? Here's just a few reasons ... the bulb and led websites have catalogs but they are generic. Some numbers are correct but others don't always apply. An accurate list will save you time and might save some money. Refer to it before buying a replacement or at the junk yard. Oh, it is not my intention to include replacement numbers, as there are many. I think I'll just stick with the original bulb numbers from the factory.

So let me know what the analog - digital dash bulb differences are, 86 vs 87 differences, or anything else you would like to see on this page.
- Dennis
** UPDATE #1 ** - The attached list is now the final version.
** UPDATE #2 ** - Attached list is Rev 2
Hey bud good morning. Is there a way you could email this list ? I’m not able to open the PDF file saved on this site. My email is