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Dec 24, 2005
It is with great reluctance that I am putting my baby up for sale. Due to unplanned circumstances with my business I am going to part with her.

A little history on my car. It was purchased new here in Lafayette by a wealthy businessman in 1987. He drove the car sparingly as he also had quite a few other toys in his 5 car garage. He was very meticulous when it came to his cars. He was not satisfied with the factory paint so in 1995 he had the car repainted. The car was then parked in 1999 for long term storage for his son to own later on. His son declined the car for a Hummer instead. The car remained idle until I purchased it on July 5th of 2005 with only 48,186 miles on her. It cost me more than your run of the mill GN's but I knew what I was getting. The price I paid directly reflected how much money he put into the paint job and the care he provided the car for the first 18 years.

The car now has 58,898 miles on the clock. The original speedo was swapped for a recalibrated 145mph version with less miles, which is why there are lower miles shown in the pics. I kept the original speedo with 53,456 miles at the time of removal and it will be included in the sale. I am stating this to be open and honest about the picture/odometer descrepancy. I dont want any confusion about the actual mileage. As with the previous owner, this GN has never been driven in the rain or stored outdoors. It has spent its life in a garage since day one and is rust free. It has never been smoked in or had any food eaten in the vehicle. This car is not advertised as Mint, Showroom or kept in a plastic bubble and never driven. It has been used and enjoyed by myself and it has the normal effects of such use. That being said it is still a 9 out of 10 in every category. I would stack this car up against any 20,000 mile GN out there. This car is treated like one of my kids. It is cared for to the best of my ability, highly pampered and it never leaves my sight when I am out driving it. I dont park it anywhere...period. Only at a car show will it stay unoccupied, but always in sight. No door dings here!

The mods on this car are tastefully done. It was built to be quick, not a roll caged race car, but still fast enough to be reliable and respected at the stoplights or the dragstrip. It was also modded in a way that can be brought back to stock if one so desires. This car was never taken to the track by the previous owner. I have made 9 passes with this car in the quarter. On pump gas(w/ alky) Et Streets, thru the exhaust this car has run an 11.20@119 mph. This was done on 23 psi ofd boost with an easy 1.71 sixty foot leaving on the footbrake at 2 psi of boost. This GN is a high/mid 10 second car with only a few turns of the boost controller and a harder launch. (I have a best of 1.58 sixty foot with this car on the old combo) The racetrack days have been over for this car 2 years now therefore it has radial tires on all 4 corners. I just cruise in the car and go to car shows so there was no need for drag radials anymore. . The car handles superb but the downside is that there is NO traction. These tires are easliy blown away at 65+ mph.:cool:

2 1/2 years ago I troubleshooted a miss which led me to a worn lobe on the stock cam. I used this opportunity to freshen up the engine. I installed new rings and bearings along with a 206/206 roller cam. Some T&D roller rockers and Cometic headgaskets topped off the rebuild. And dont worry about the transmission. The 14 quart/200R4 Brian Hofer built tranny has been in for 5 years now and is still shifting rock hard like day one. I have never spared any expense with this vehicle and all of the parts are top of the line. I do all of the work myself, this car has never been to a mechanics shop since I have owned it. I can answer any and all questions with 100% accuracy. For someone who is looking for a super clean, low-mile, fast, reliable GN....this is it. There is nothing left to do on this car but drive it. The stereo system is also included in the sale. I could tell you that its loud and sounds very good but the pictures speak for themselves. I have over $2500 in the music system alone.

Although I would like to sell the car I do not need the money bad enough to take a major loss. I live in the real world and it is not the first hot rod I have sold. That being said my price is $22,000 FIRM. Most of you on this board know this is a fair price for the mods and the superior condition of this car. I am not interested in trades so please do not ask. I have over $33,000 invested not including the tons of labor hours to do all of this work. The tires have less than 200 miles on them so if you are thinking about driving it home to whereever you live you may do so. The A/C blows ice cold so you can make the trip in comfort. And dont worry about overheating issues. I have been in bumper-to-bumper traffic on a 99 degree day in August and the temperature guage never went above 190. This car is a major attention garbber and a guaranteed conversation piece every time I fill up at the gas station. Not to mention the Pitbull mufflers make it one of the baddest sound rides on the street.....

List of mods:
6776 dual ball bearing turbo
60lb. injectors
Precision stretch intercooler
Tial 38mm External wastegate
RJC boost controller
Hemco plenum
LS1 MAF w/ Translator
Wideband Turbotweak chip
Laptop stand for powerlogger
Casper Fuel Pressure transdcuer for Polwerlogger
Vaccum brakes
New rotors, pads, calipers, shoes and drums with less than 100 miles
Cotton Performance tall valve covers
Ac Delco A/C compressor installed less than 700 miles ago
PTC 10" 2800 LU converter
Hothkis boxed lower control arms
1 5/8 aftermarket rear sway bar
Driveshaft safety loop
Bilstein shoocks(less than 200 miles )
Goodyear Eagle F1 245/50-16 (less than 200 miles)
Alky injection kit
Alky pressure guage and transducer
Innovate wideband sensor
Pioneer CD player
6 Infinity speakers
Punch 400 amp on the highs
Punch 250 on the subs
2 JL Audio 12" woofers
Fuel pump hotwire kit
New Walbro pump (less than 300 miles)
LED tailight kit
ATR SS exhaust with Pitbull mufflers
GTA wheels refinished last year
Dual cooling fans

To recap:

$22,000 Firm
No trade.
As is, no warranty.
Located in Lafayette, LA

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. PM me for phone numebr.


Pics coming on next post.


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more pics....


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Gorgeous car! Extremely nice! GLWS! I know you hate to see it go!
I have kept up with this car over the years on the board, very very nice and very well done. Good Luck With the Sale, I hate to see you let it go.
I've got a super clean 1984 Chevette that I'm know longer in need of and would like to trade, if I could temp you with my show piece. JUST KIDDING Ed!!! Anyway, if I had the extra time or cash, I would sell mine and buy yours. The pics can't even say enough about your car, good luck with the sale...
I've been helping Ed with this car for the past 4 years or so. Ed is truly anal about his car, everything is done right on this thing. No expense was spared nor attention to detail.
Guys this car looks better in person. Pics do not do it justice. Someone will be getting one of the nicest GN's money can buy.
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