Hesitation/bucking problem (MAF?)


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May 26, 2001
My MAF went out in September and immediately threw a code 34 and started bucking and hesitating. I bought a used one and it worked fine but the other day the car seems to do the exact same thing. Mostly under load though. Fuel pressure is good, pulse width is good and no codes. Ignition checks OK with Caspers CCCI tester. The spark was as purple as Grimace's a$$ like this=:frown: all the way to 8000rpms. Took the coil pack off and the module looked good, no goo or corroded connectors. Messing around with the ignition off, the AF on Scanmaster was 4-5 and would not move with the throttle. With the car in park and running when I would rev it, it would occasionally start to buck and the AF#'s would hit 255:confused: still in vacuum with no load. Tapping on the MAF would ever so slightly affect the idle, which is perfect. I am borrowing a known good MAF this week from my friend and will post back. It seems like the MAF is bad and I will kick myself for not upping the $$ and buying the Translator and LT1/LS1 sensor.
My only concern is that I disconnected the MAF and it immediately threw a code 34 and acted pretty much the exact same way. I thought it was supposed to go into limp mode or something.
Replaced the MAF with a known good one and IT'S A MIRACLE: Problem fixed. I will be getting a translator.
My advice to anyone with a non-concours-show only Turbo Buick; forget about 23-24 year old used MAF's and buy the Translator or other system.
Mine did the same thing when it went out a while back. Unplugged it and it acted the same.

One of the best things I've ever done is go trans/LS1