hey heres a pic of my impala its a sleeper but it still beat a gnx!

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why wouldnt a 65 run 11'S

hey u guys dont know what the he11 ur talkin about because my car is a 283 with a masive inducton a 200 hp shot nitrous and it has 456, the car is 3900 and i make 547 hp on the dyno at 546 foot pounds of torque so ya i live in california nere sonoma so if anyone wants to drag then just let me know!!!
so why dont u?

hey matt why dont u come on over is it because u know i will spank ur piece of $hit buick?
huh last i checked you only ran 109 mph so how do you figure? ok go open your summit or popular hotrodding and tell me some more of your mods. turd.
without turbo ur car would run 15's or 16's

hey why dont u actually use a real carburator and get of the boost, when i get of the nos my car will still run 13.07 so stop ur crying and lets race punk!
" i knew it was a 65, from the cheech and chong movie soundtrack blasting from the factory 6x9 speaker "


Thats where I've seen that car. Its a dead ringer from one of those movies...I think it was "Up in Smoke".

Threats will get you no where real quick friend. Anyone with a calculator and some knowledge of formulas can conclude that "547 hp" equates even spinning to alot more than 109 mph in a 4000lb vehicle passing thru the quarter. This thead is locked flame wars are not what this board is for.
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