hey heres a pic of my impala its a sleeper but it still beat a gnx!

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hey if this pic works heres my impala now stop ur bitchin im 23 and now how to drive


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hmm, it looks lowered. are my eyes deceiving me? impala, have u done any suspension mods? do u know when u lower a cars it loses it's instant center? hence, losing it's launch capability? have u taken this car to the 1/4 mile drage strip? no, not the place where the cars bounce up and down...that's a hydraulics show. by the way, my Craftsman mower has a "high rise" intake and some HIGH azz gears...if i bring the idle control up real high it will do a wheelie!! cool ! ;)
Too sleepy...should not reply..but

It is waaayy to early in the morning to read this type of a post but I have and now I must respond.

Too often do I see posts where some non-TR person hops on the board to 'inform' us that he beaten a TR or a GNX. Quite honestly, most TR's are faster than GNX's as GNX owners don't usually modify their cars due to value. I always get a chuckle out of the posts that emphasise GNX...GNX...GNX... It was really just a N/A regal painted black with vents and GTA rims. Oh I forgot..he is your best friend..you have worked on the car...it pulls the front tires off the ground...

My problem is I want to learn from the posts here and this guy has given me nothing to stimulate my brain cells with. I fear synaptic decay...

No list of engine mods, no track results, no helpful suggestion, no comment on the loosing car (GNX).

Further yet he is proud that his highly modified car (11 sec stock Chevy's are rare) beat what I will assume was a stock GNX, until he tells us otherwise.

Don't get me wrong...beating a GNX does not bother me...what bothers me is people boasting like it is something that could never be done. Any 11 sec car should beat a 13 sec car. I don't think anyone would be surprised by this. I just hope he doesn't respond...."but wait...the GNX was heavily modified and usually ran a low 10 sec 1/4 at the track...bla..bla..bla...
In that case I say good job, you are a better driver.

In closing....until some credible information arrives about this event I will close with ..."Oh yeah? Well my friend flies an f-14 that is faster than your car!!!!" Not the same I realize but neither were these two cars.

Do us all a favor here. Instead of boasting about something and irrating me (I hate when that happens)....give us slow TR folks something to learn and grow from.

I also own a Craftsman but mine has to be pushed to move...just like my Dodge.
i got a mower for ya...:)

acually its not mine i seen it on the web somewere but if i owned it id race ya...


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That mower is so cool it frightens me. I woul love to have that thing sitting in the yard when my neighbor drives by. He like to mow with a non-powered rotary push mower. He would crap his pants!
Originally posted by 1965chevyimpala
hey if this pic works heres my impala now stop ur bitchin im 23 and now how to drive

I care because?
You came to us trying start stuff so STFU and go away!

RED that mower rocks, what's it run?

oooh DAMN! that mower is the sh*t !! i need to build one of those...damnit, no...i have too many prjects already. oh well, that's a cool pic Red. i've heard about "lawn mower racing but never any pics. thanks for the submission. later...
Is that Impala sittin' on deep dish Daytons? Does it have 16 switches for the hyrdraulics? What about all the dingle balls and the chain link steering wheel? :p
picture of impala/ss/pos

looks like that shot of his chevy was taken from a g-body car, looks like the chevy is a little behind the lead car or is it an optical illusion? might that be the race he is jawing about!!!!!!!!!!

THAT LAWN MOWER IS THE SH!T!!!!!!!!! 350R!!! dude that is hella cool. i wanna know what it runs the 1/4 in! oh yeah, and that impalla dont look like it could get faster than 16.5. sorry dude, but the only impalla ive seen that can even haul ass below the 13's was gutted, alum. bumpers, hood, fat blower, tubed, and it only got 10 sumtin. do u realize that a turbo buick that the owner spends the time to tub will most likely go MUCH FAstER and have FULL INTERIOR????? NO one would mod 283. you would spend less time and $$ just buying a 502. thats my $00.2.
oh yeah.....

PS: by the way that looks like a picture from a super chevy cruize or hot rod power tour.

the only fast part on that car is your ol'lady!!!! buddy of mine will lay the smackdown on that shovey!!! after i show you the tailights on my 81 regal!!! look quickly you wont see them for long without glasses!!!come get some
Are you sure that picture wasn't taken by the GNX guy right after the light turned green? Hey Red, lets put a Turbo on that thing. I have a spare intercooler here that would make a great front mount. Slap on the 28x10.5's and pray that we get it to hook.
This guy joins the list


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(wipes tears from my eyes, chokes down residual chuckles b/c I'm at work)

want some credibility? List a city & state, or an email and get together with someone from this board & set up a race. I'm sure that the win or lose, at least people would now believe that you even own an Impala. Otherwise, "now" (I mean "know") that you're not fooling anyone.

I mean, are you really even 23?

Of course, if you've been lying, of course you won't show up, because that would force you to come out from behind the keyboard, and it'd be obvious what was for real, and what was just a lot of HOT AIR!!!:mad:

Oh, sorry to the hot air guys/just kidding/being "punny":p
long post

damn...this is one long post. that squirrel hasn't even replied and it's been about 50 posts. i don't think he is ever going to reply or ever come back so can we kill this post???
Heavy Chevies... can they go fast?

This guy is a troll (a prety good guess on my part :) )

Had a buddy with a 427 4 speed Impy SS (pretty rare car) I think it was a '69 model. Good for mid 13's back in the late 70's. Your chance of running into one of these cars is probably about as good as getting hit by lightning or winning the lottery. With improved tire technology that same car would be in the 12's today.

In '65 some came with 396 motors... with a few mods you could put one of these heavy cars into the high 13's. A 283 won't cut it as these cars are just too heavy.
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