Hey XLR8!


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Aug 27, 2003
I see that you're in Littleton. Want to trade some pizza/beer for some tuning tips??? :D

Alright,...what the hell,....!@!

Anyone ,....... anyone in the area,.. free food/boooze(whatever your vice is) to giver a few pointers.

Trying to learn how to use the Scan master 2.1 to make the car safe.
Alright fine!!
(Spending money on pizza for ME)

Just tired of wondering if ammo box is realy heavy enough to get a WOT when adjusting the TPS is all,....

Will add more ammo.
where at in denver?
you wouldn't want me working on your car but i'll take you up on the free beer!

there is a place called engines to go down in south denver, off santa fe i think, been there but don't remember exactly where it was. they can get most of your bugs worked out, pretty good guys, and i'm sure they would do work for beer or any other intoxicating liquid...
I think I've got most of the bugs worked out,.. =]

Wanting to suck the brains dry of anyone with a faster car! :D

Just got back from a drive,...I'm hammering the crap out of it,... (18Lbs) ) and zero KR ,..... Of course,..... I topped off from a 1/4 tank with 100 octain. hehe awesome fun!

I wanna get some 1st hand on alky etc. Getting clues from the board (don't get me wrong! VERY helpful!!) isn't quite the same as drinking a cold one and going over the thing with an experienced person.
Tuning alky for the first time: Get a friend and head out to the interstate, a little traveled section preferably. Get the car up to road speed and have alky set to turn on about 12 lbs of boost with 100% volume delivery. Then mat the pedal and let the car downshift into 3rd. Have friend watch Scanmaster for knock and feel if the car bogs. If there's bog, lower the volume about 10% and try again. Then when bog goes away, start raising the turn on boost point still watching Scanmaster for knock. I ended up turning on alky at 14psi with about 70% volume and it's just right. It'll take about a half hour to dial it in and you need to have the car in 3rd gear to get the highest load on the engine, hence the highway thing.

Oh and use street gas (93 or 94), 100 octane is going to mask any effects at 18psi. I run the above setting at 20psi roughly with no knock on isopropyl.