Hidden kill switch for trunk mounted battery


Mechanical Engineer
May 2, 2002
Hey guys....

Looking at moving the battery to the trunk for more traction. I am not too concerned about NHRA legal at the moment... but will do it legal if it is stealthy and cheap (probably impossible). I need some people to send me pics of where they mounted their kill switch and how they did it.... I was thinking about the rod actuated flaming river switch.... with the rod somehow hidden under the tag bracket....

My car is a 95% street car.... just with a battery in the trunk..... makes for a short run to the fuel pump too.....
I have the Flaming River push off switch. There are cheaper out there! Mine is mounted on a home made flip down clip under the bumper so its track only use & otherwise its in the up position. Go to MAD Enterprises for a different option of set up & at a fair price. They have some good pre made kits!
Waytek sells a switch that will handle the load and disconnect the alternator first before the battery disconnects. You could mount this switch in the trunk and run a rod out thru the tag area. Take the rod off and only use it at the track.



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