High Boost Eclipse Kill


Ed Miklavcic

I go to libertyville high school just north of chicago. I purchased my second GN about a year ago after my first one was stolen from gurnee mills. I keep my alarm on at all times now.
I go to school everyday to find more and more kids buying rise burners and thinking their the ****. Just to gives examples of whats at my school. 5.0 with cobra emblems but GT. Civic Si with supercharger. A week before school ends a kid i have gym with buys an eclipse with a bigger turbo. He knows his place and doesnt taunt me because he knows the black beast can be whipped out at any time ( i never drive it to school, door dings haunt my sleep). After school ends about a week after I am driving and run across him next to me flying by. As he passes he slams on the brakes because he got a glance of me. He pulls aside and starts talking ****. I ingore him because the light about 100 yards ahead just turned red and we are all alone. He revs his engine to see if i rev mine. I dont, i know the front mount likes to be cold. We stage at the white line. I know that what I dont show now is what he will fear later so i dont stall her up. The light turns green and i just drive her out but not very hard. I still take him by two car lengths. The turbo is just starting to kick in and the whoosh is in full power. As it shifts through the gears i keep my eye on the knock sensor. Only 3 yellows. I look into my rear mirror to find that his little 4 has run out of air and disappeared. I stop at the next light and he drives aside. I wave at him in a victory style as i turn right. JUSTICE for all.