HIGHWAY STARS is really really great!


Nov 16, 2002
long story short the body shop calls and tells me that the weatherstripping I got from highway stars was incorrect and they sent me two right hand side. Well i send an e-mail cause the site says they are on vacation and I get a phone call within the next 20 minutes asking whats wrong. I tell them what the body shop told me and they sent out a left side one immediately and sent me tracking info within the hour. This is all at around 5pm. the body shop sent back the weatherstrip and turns out they had the correct one all along. So the body shop made the mistake but higway stars went above and beyond to make sure they took really good care of me. I will be ordering everything for my GN from them. I already bought all new nos weatherstripping and door sweeps and everything fits perfect. I will be ordering my carpet and every other part to make my GN mint from them because of there professionalism and decency. They are hands down an ASSETT to this community. Support them, pay the money and get the parts that fit right the first time. Cant say enough about these guys. they do it RIGHT!

couple pics of my baby.... with the new wheels too


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