Highway Stars / NOS4GN CoilPack & Ignition Module results


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Apr 14, 2012
Just thought I'd let you guys know how happy I am with my decision to swap my 25 year old coil/ignition module out for Highway Stars OEM Style sparkplug wires, HighOutput coil pack & ACDelco D1996 Ignition Module!

My 25 year old unit was cutting out on boost over 17psi (shooting for 26-28psi on my E85 setup) and I didn't want to jack around trouble shooting I knew it was ignition related. These 3 items were top quality fit and finish and in one fail swoop resolved my ignition issue. I tried 23psi tonight NOOOO problem!

I was a little worried about the $39 dollar coil pack, but after talking with those guys on the phone about the design and construction I wasn't worried a bit.

Good to pass on feedback I think so there you go! :)


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I put the $39 one on mine. It reduced the amount of stinky exhaust coming out and the idle improved as well.