TTA with no start issue

Got it running, thanks to everyone on here for suggestions and ideas. Made me rethink a couple of things and address them this afternoon.
Recalibrated the cam sensor - it was about 5 degrees off
Cranked the fuel pressure regulator down - it was reading ~60 psi while cranking and I was thinking it'd start and then I'd adjust it down
Opened up the idle stop screw to make sure the throttle blade was open enough

I only ran it for about a minute as I have some loose ends to clean up before it runs for an extended period (wire routings, hose connections, etc). Was idling around 1800 rpm, but sounded great. Now that I know it starts I can work on the other stuff with the idea that I won't just be tearing it back apart to troubleshoot them.

Again, really appreciate the support and once I have a good idle video I'll make sure to post.

Plans for the whole car are:
Forged stock displacement shortblock, 210/215 110 LSA cam, 6266 BB turbo, 160 lbs injectors, flex fuel sensor to run E85, Alky injection to control intake temps, stock intercooler, ported stock TTA heads and intake, 70mm throttle body.
Ultimately the cam sensor needed a little bump. That’s all. I guess I could have worded it a little different.
I have not used a setting tool in years. The procedure does not always work. I drop them in the way the factory did. If it does not start, a little turn and it’s a done deal. Starts right up.
Glad you got it fired up. That’s a relief I know.

Wanted to say thanks to everyone again in this thread for helping me troubleshoot the issue. After getting it running I had to do some cleanup on wiring and plumbing to get it where I wanted to really drive it. Then I ran into an issue with the alternator not charging. Ultimately it ended up being a bad remanned ACDelco unit. Was able to get the car out and put about 30 miles on it today.