Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas


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Dec 17, 2001
Dear Santa,

I would like a new GT series turbo and GNX style 16x8 rims.

Thank You

Merry Christmas all...:)
My Christmas Sucked:(
I bought a 87 T-type a few weeks ago and have been fixing it to drive:) Got it running good and today i let my nephew drive me to go get a mocha. Well on the way back he lost control of it and crashed into a gard rail and bent the bumper horns and totaled the nose:mad: needless to say my mocha went everwhere and the car is messed up pretty bad:eek: I cant believe it and the car was starting to be a nice driver:rolleyes:Anybody got a header pannel,grill,bumper.fenders they want to give me for Xmas?