Hopes And Dreams


"You have a vacuum leak?"
Oct 20, 2001
87 Buick Grand National - Tube Chassis, Leather seats all around, Those 2 piece wheels with black inside with chrome outside (the big/skinny look), lowered an inch or so, S2 AL block and heads, liquid intercooler, twin turbo's so big that they would suck womens clothes off while passing, dual nozzle ALK injection, GNX cluster, TRUE dual exhaust that exited in front of the front wheels, a system so loud it would blow womens clothes off while inside the car, limo tints all around, brake light TRY ME, license plate bracket I GET BLOWN AND DRUNK ALK.

1966 Chevelle - WITH ALL THE GOODIES

SEMI-CAB - What would chicks do with a big truck with a full size bed in back:eek: