Hot air alternator


Aug 30, 2004
Hello all working on an old hot air engine and the wires coming off the alternator plug aren't connected to anything. The plug is plugged in with a white and red wire coming off ... I know the red goes to the back of alt but where does the white go ? The harness is a mess any advice or even better... pics would greatly help thanks
Hey..... I took this pic of mine for Ya. OEM harness on it. Yellow & Black on the top connector . The yellow wire loop is the FP Hotwire that goes on the rear lower stud . I'm certainly no way an expert on this, but I wanted to try & help Ya out.
1984 Alt. Wiring.jpg
From what I can tell from the schematics It appears that its a brown wire (confirmed on my 85 T-Type ) that goes to the Bulkhead Connector
C100 then to the Generator Indicator Lamp on the Instrument Cluster.

Charger & Starting System Vin 9.JPG

Bulkhead Connector C100.JPG

Electronic Level Control.JPG

Instrument Panel G Series.JPG
This is on my 85 T an one jumps into the harness an the red my wires are red an brown


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Does this wire have writing on it to set it out from the others I see a few brown wires not connected at the moment
Look at Cavity A4 on the Bulkhead Connector C100 - that is the brown wire to follow back to the Alternator. Follow the brown wire to Connector at the back of the Instrument Panel Printed Circuit - See below #3 (BRN 25) Volts Indicator to Generator.
Cluster Pinout.JPG
Assuming this is a OEM white wire, scanning the schematics for the Turbo Vin 9 , I only found three locations with a white wire. ECM (B4) to the CCCI (A) & CCCI (D) to Tachometer, also - Resume Cruise Indicator to Cruise Control.
Multiport Fuel Injection Vin 9 Ignition.JPG
Instrument Panel Indicators.JPG