hot ride contest

some kid in your high school has a $30K+ Audi TT convertible? That is the same car my 30 year old girlfriend drives.....

Does he get a Lamborghini when he goes to college? ;)

The Audi is way cooler unfortunately even if the guy who drives it is a tard.

How is your car coming along? Post some pics....

he got the car because his parents wanted to seem like they had money. but they dont. his parents dive total pieces of cr*p. i agree that the audi is a lot nicer, but that is the point. we want him to lose because he is a retard. garret, the guy with the camino is cool. i mean seriously, his name is in the backglass in old english or whatever...mexican style. my car is coming along well, should be running in the next week or 2. i will be sure to get some pics here pretty soon

I voted for the 'Camino, looks like it's winning. My boss and his wife both drive TT's, and- while they're fairly cool cars- I gotta go with classic GM. Besides, don't we take care of our own around here? :cool: I have no reason to doubt what you say about the Audi owner, and if it's true....well, I'd hate for a jerk who's apparently got Mom & Dad still cuttin' his dinner and wipin' his a$$ for him to have anything swell his ego further.
what do they win? nothing. supposedly there will be a vote at the end of the year and the winning car gets in the year book....

Well i guess thats cool wish they had that for me when i went to H.S. but yeah i already voted for the gm you think i will vote for a kid that apparently gets everything handed to him. hah never
comon people, support our fellow gm jockies. dont let this idiot expand his ego any more then it already is....