Ride Tech Facebook Contest...Go Vote For A Fellow GN!


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Feb 21, 2007
Hey guys, Ride Tech is hosting a contest on their FB page for customers who either have or want Ride Tech products. Right now my GN is tied for first with 11 votes/likes. Just wanted to throw this out to the board and see of we can't get a few more votes between now and Tuesday when the voting ends. I'm the only Turbo Buick in the mix (there's a g body Monty in there too) but it'd be cool to see something other than a 69 Camaro or 57 Chevy win, and show em the Turbo Buick community is represented in the autox world too! Thanks in advance. I've attached pictures showing the contest name and the pic of my car you need to go like to vote. Thanks guys!
I went to RideTech's Facebook page and couldn't find anything about this contest. Am I too late? If not, I need a link to the contest.
You beat me to it Mike!! Thanks for that! And thanks for the help guys! As of right now I'm in the lead by four votes, Conrad will make it five! Thanks a bunch!
Thank you Sir! Ita getting tight! We've got a 71 Vette a few votes ahead of my GN right now, but we are well within striking distance!
It's official, the GN takes the win!!! Thanks alot to all of you who voted and helped out, it is much appreciated! It's good motivation to get the car back out autocrossing and educating people about the dark side!
Thanks guys! It is much appreciated! I couldn't have gotten there without the help of you guys, the turbo Buick crew always impresses me.