Hot wire kit on a stock fuel pump

1984 t-type

Murphy's Law
Just wondering if it would either hurt or help to run a hot-wire kit on a stock fuelpump ? I plan on changing the pump somewhere down the line but have the parts laying around to make my own hot-wire kit. What do you think?
are you running 42lb injs and a TT chip? if so, stop immediately. thats asking for trouble. get the pump, install it with the hotwire kit and dont let the car leave the driveway til you have atleast a scanmaster. just my .02
Thanks for the info. I'm in Michigan so cruising is over till spring :-( but I just got the car running anyway just looking for cheap stuff I can do on it to keep busy. Deff plan on getting a scanmaster before spring and I guess the pump now, sucks because the stock one is new
I understand. Mines about to go into storage also. As for the fuel pump it was barely adequate with the stock boost and injectors. Good luck with it
I ran a hotwired stock pump with mine. Guess what?? It's still alive. Even when I ran it at stock boost level with 42s and after I ran it with a homemade alky kit and 22lbs of boost. Red Armstrong took a hotwired pump as low as high 12s. If you are at around at stock boost level, I wouldn't worry about it. Just make sure your 02 reading is where it's supposed to be.