How big of a turbo with a stock elbow?


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Jun 22, 2003
Given the proper injector and converter, how big of a turbo can you be successful with before a stock or ported elbow becomes the sticking point?
I have a PTE 51 with a ported elbow and larger puck and a 3" dp and it works fine:)
I ran a ported elbow this season with a larger puck.(PT-54) Didn't work too bad, but I am upgrading soon..........
Thanks for the feedback, I've run a best of 12.51 with the stock turbo and IC on street tires.

Before Spring I'll be installing my Christmas presents: a TA-49, stretch IC, and 3000 Neil Chance converter. I also got a ported elbow off of eBay.

I would like to maintain that "stock" look. It really keeps those Honda/Acura/Nissan guys scratching their heads when Grandpa's car blows their doors off.
your puttin on a 3" dp also correct? If so the ported albow and 3" dp will be fine with your 49..
Yes, it's a 3" downpipe from the stock elbow, no cat either.

My buddy is into the Acuras pretty heavy, he keeps a close eye on what's under my hood.

Can't wait for Spring!
I ran a ported elbow/3" DP on both my GN with a PT51 and my WE4 with a TA61 w/ a PTE .85 housing... talk about MAJOR porting needed! They worked fine. Kinda wish I'd kept mine on my WE4 for that sleeper look!
kinda funny...i am not convinced that the stock elbow is a major restriction...i ran my time in my sig with a completely stock elbow and poston's 3" downpipe:confused:

it sure as hell LOOKS ugly though i will give ya that
I was using a ported elbow and larger puck on my T66 until about a year ago. The elbow was seriously ported. At one point around the turbine outlet the elbow was only about .050 thick.