how can I tell if my converter is balooned?


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May 24, 2001
I have my engine out and the thrust bearing is gone! Crank is trashed. I remember when I took the flywheel bolts off the converter slid back and I seem to remember seeing a little clearance at the center of the flywheel. My current thinking is that the previous owners converter balooned and was replaced with the current one. Not doing any engine work.
Anyway, when a converter balloons does it expand and then contract or does it expand and stay that way? Can someone let me know if this is something I can measure.
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When converters balloon, its usually a permanent distortion. It'll affect the overall length of the unit and the internal endplay as well.

Here's where you can find external converter dimensions:

Also, in a new converter, internal endlplay is set as close to zero as possible.
If it has seriously balooned then you can measure it. How many times and how far it can balloon and still have it "shrink" back to the original size I dunno.
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Hey thanks, thats a great link!
It looks like this isn't the converter that did the damage.
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