How can you tell if a car is stolen



I am going to look at a WE4 tomorrow. Sound like the deal is too good to be true, but I hope it's not. Real low mileage, real low price. We are meeting at a Dominicks parking lot to check it out, he lives downtown and directions can be tough. But, I have his home phone number and name. Got it from caller ID. He says he's the original owner, so his name should be on the title right? I'm gonna get the VIN for sure, any way to check if it's stolen that way? looking for a quick response, going tomorrow at 3pm.
Car Fax

Run a CarFax on it. Costs like 14.95 to check one car or 19.99 to check unlimited cars for 2 months. Maybe call the VIN in to the local Police. Make sure the VIN Matches the VIN under the trunk on the label and maybe the one in the drivers door jam too if its there...You definately want the one under the trunk to be there though. Hope this helps......Russ :cool:
Thanks for the CARFAX Jesse. According to the carfax, he only drove it 2,000 miles since 1992.
One thing I am dissapointed in is that they show the mileage for emmsions in 1992, but not the years following, it's just blank. Oh well, I'm still satisfied. Thanks again,
Well my wallet is $200 lighter. Put a down payment on the car untill I can get the money from the bank. Should pick it up from the guy later in the week. SSSHHHHH it's a secret. My mom doesn't know yet, :D I have to sell my 442 before I can bring it home. :mad: She would kill me and my dad if she found out I had two cars for a little while. So, the car is not in my possestion yet, I don't want to jynx it.
Years gone by

My dad used to get angry:mad: with me about bringing cars home all the time. He finally kinda just gave up and started gaining interest in what each one was and what they were worth. Sometimes they are just parts of cars or pieces but we all know the value!!!!:eek: My problem was I would sell one and buy two or three. Doing better these days...I guess its cause the cars cost more so I dont have the $$$$ to fork out on a bunch of these. Closer to having my own house and shop with an acre of land to fill up with cars and parts!!!!!!! Good luck with your WE4.
P.S....If you need a place to hide that car I have a slot at my dads....ha ha....Russ :cool:
If i were ever to purchase another TR and thought for a moment it could be stolen , there would be two things i would do.

!st.I would check the vin on the motor and tranny and frame and compare to the plate on the dash.

2ND. I would pull the dash to make sure that the vin plate was riveted in and not screwed in. I would also make sure they were the same 15 yr old GM rivets.

Alot of repaints, removed the trunk and other stickers so they are tough to go by if they are missing.