how do you know what bolts go back where after a 2 year body off?


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Jun 19, 2008
in the process now and my head is spinning trying to keep track of all the bolts so its not a nightmare to put back togeather prob 2 years from now. is there a secret iam missing? lol
Ugh... I hope you have a friend with a TR. After two years I wouldn't remember nothing about the bolts. Good luck:)
you labeled the screws,bolts,etc in a zip lock bag or container,right????:eek: my mind/memory is so bad,that i have to bag up and label bolts/screws/etc if the car is going to be apart for one day or more.....
Zip lock bags, a sharpie to write on the bag, and maybe even go so far as to take a quick pic with a digital camera and print out a small pic of where they came from and stick that in the bag also
Add a small card inside the bag with label just in case it gets smudged on outside of bag. Lots of Pics!!!
lets get a post going and we can post pics of certain aereas and the screws/bolts that belong. i can do a bunch since iam in the process of tearing everything apart. it will be a huge help to people during there restores.
I bought a project car a year ago and putting it back together has been tuff . I would like to see some pics. Thanks
I bought a 24 compartment organizer at K-Mart for like 14 bucks. I wrote what the bolts were in sharpie on the drawers. I am buying a dymo label writer so I dont have to keep crossing stuff out as I change where stuff goes.
Should have thought of that in the first place.
LOST of ziplock bags and a sharpie marker.

I did a restoration of an old mustang once with a friend. It was really hard trying to determine what coffie can full of bolts were from what area of the car:eek: Learned my lesson, won't be doing that again. :biggrin: