How fast are you going w/ 50's?


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Just wanting to get some times since I just got my new turbo I'm wondering if the 50's are enough. I mostly race the 1/8 but run the 1/4 at Reynolds a few times a year. I have stock heads and cam now but going with some ported irons and a 206/206 cam at the end of the year. Looking for mid to low 11 sec runs. Let's see some times.
is dfi really worth stepping up to with 50's....i'm not trying to flame...i was thinking about it but i dont know a lot about there that much of an improvement tho to spend 2000+ on it
Boy, the ESP Sucks is catching on:) If you really crank on the 63 it will chew 50's up and spit them out. Better question to ask is how much boost can you run with 72 PSI of fuel pressure since this is where they lock up and don't flow anymore fuel?
I already had the DFI, and it didn't cost 2K, it is not a FAST system. I put it on to solve a stutter problem at 20 psi and above.

I ran the 50's with 76psi of fuel pressure. Around 1650 EGT. I had set the base at 50 psi as an experiment and was running 26 psi of boost. I got 2 mph out of it. So guessing I could use more injector, I sold the 50's and chips and got 72's. No track runs on those yet.

Turbo is TC-45, 4 bolt .81 housing with 4 inch inlet and pipe.
A club member went 10.97 with 009's...moved to 55's and hasn't been close since. :( 50's seem to be the know when you can't decide to go 72's with a 72 turbo or just leave the bastard alone the way it is...wanna go faster??? GO bigger. Don't wanna get into the engine...50's are the max you want to go near....all this of course until Steve Wood wakes up...then he'll sh!t on everything said here :)
well, before Steve wakes up , I'd like to meet Mr. 10.xx on 009's...what did his car weigh? 2900?
I've been 10.96 @ 122 with 50's. I'm at the limit, 122% duty cycle on DS.... Car weights 3650 with driver.
Good thread and just in time. I just installed 50's and have been wondering the same thing since I have yet to run them at the track. Like azgn said, how much does everyones car weigh? It's not the ET that everyone should be concerned about. It's the weight and mph.....
Mine is full weight, whatever that is! I have a fiberglass front bumper and sound pad behind rear seat removed. Got 6 point and added power drivers seat. Car has T-tops and most other options.
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well, before Steve wakes up , I'd like to meet Mr. 10.xx on 009's...what did his car weigh? 2900?

Talk to Chuck Strader then ... 2 different cars (his "black car" .. GN and his "gray car" a Regal TR).

The gray car has gone some 10.90s @ weighs in at about 3500 with bench seat, no options, roll bar. Chuck actually torqued off a bunch of local Super Street racers by entering their class one day and making the field (10.90 index). Pretty funny seeing a footbraked, muffled ol' lady gray Regal hanging with wheel standing, throttle stopped race cars! :) It wasn't consistent enough to go more than one round, but it sure was a crowd pleaser (and mixed up the points chase a bit for a friend of ours that runs that class and was in the hunt).

The black car has squeaked a couple 10s (10.98s) and weighs about 3600 (fiberglass bumpers, optioned out hard top, with a roll bar).

This is with Red's 107 chip, about 25 psi, ported heads, 208/201 cam, TA61 turbo, 009s, stretch intercooler, 3" DP with external gate (ATR), ATR headers and ATR 2.5" dual exhaust system, 1.65 roller rockers, double pumper XP, 28" M/T slicks (all in the Recipe)... and this is the part that's going cause all sorts of controversy, STOCK GM D5 converter. I've personally seen him pull a 1.49 short time with this combo (leaving at 15 psi)... twice on the same day. It takes are well prepared track and getting the launch boost and the lights to match up :) Funny thing is that it never lifts a front tire, just squats a bit and GOES. Fuel pressure set at around 48-50 psi for racing.

The reason I know so much about it is that my car is set up almost exactly the same :) We shared a lot over the years. I've gone a best of 11.21 @ 121+ at 22 psi. My car weighs ~3700 lbs (T-Tops). It sixty footed in the mid 1.5s, but you have to catch the launch boost just right. A converter would definitely help consistancy a lot and make it easier to drive ... it's just that both Chuck and I have torn the clutches out of too many of the restalled stockers. Usually to the tune of a tranny rebuild :)

Not that I advocate this as the ideal combo ... I think it's pushing the limit (I think the double pumper fuel pump may be a reason the 009s are working... lots of fuel volume when that second pump kicks in). More injector is probably a good thing at this point, especially if we step up to a converter.

I'm pretty lost up here at 5500+ feet now... I GOTTA have a converter. Lag is horrible in this thin air! We were at 1200 feet in Omaha...
Yeah i'd say the reason he can is because of the double pumps, i've ran 11.3 on 009's and a single XP pump and i'm out of fuel then. That's with a TA-49 and a loose D-5. I'd say go with a double pumper and some 50's:D Frank
We have a few cars running HUGE MPH in the 1/4 on 50's. With my new converter I mayrun a couple of 10's but I'm not really going to push it. The 86 I'm buying ran 10.7 @ 128 MPH with 50's. It should run faster now with some minor mods to the heads. Another guy here run's 125+ MPH all day long on 50's but he's in the low 11's...drag radial's only. With some slicks he'd be in the 10's.

Kev :)
I went 10.70s@126 with 50s with a max effort thumbwheel and the car with me in it weighs 3850. I made 600 rwhp with 50lb. msd so that`s about 680 flywheel i do have a good fuel system (2 bosch pumps#8 line to the rail) . I swapped those 50s with Steve Yaklin and he ran 126 the first time out with them . I pesonally think it`s easier to control smaller injectors if you run a regular chip but with a max-effort i have 82 lbers with stock drivability i passed the florida state emision test with no cat nobody could belive it.
I have gone 124 w/ 50's. Can't get the car to e.t.. But I guess with a 3600lb car that is a 10sec mph. That was with asingle 340 no knock and 20# of boost.

I do not know how repeatable it is though. I have plans (in a week or so) to do #8/#6 fuel lines and run two pumps all the time.