How I spent $2500...


Alright guys, time to confess. I went crazy. :D I talked to alot of people in the last week, and checked out what is doing what on our TRs. I wanted something streetable yet powerful. I finally called John at John's Performance and he got me hooked up with some great stuff. his online catalog is tiny so give him a call he has much more! :cool: Well this is what I ordered. PT 51 with SS Braided Oil Line and SS Braided return line, MSD 50# Injectors with two Joe Lubrant chips, 3'' SS THDP...all that and not a bad price. Well I also needed a couple of other things like exhaust, shift kit, and a Duttweiler Modifed IC Neck. I got the Hooker 2.5'' Cat Back Exhaust with Dual Super Competition Turbo Mufflers from Jegs, and the rest of the stuff from Kirbans. I will order a stall converter hopefully on Friday that's all I need to piece togetehr the combo. Here is what I will be looking at.

TRW Forged Pistons with Rods(30)
Stock Crank(20)
206/206 Competition Cams with High Rev Lifters
Freshend Stock Heads
Stock Timing Cover and Oiling System
Stock Intake, Upper Plenum and Throttle body
MSD 50# Injectors with Joe Lubrant Chips
Adjustable Fuel pressure regulator
Walbro GS340 with Racetronix Hotwire Kit
Valve Cover Breathers, TB Coolant Lines Blocked Off
Hardened Turbo to MAF Pipe, Ceramic Coated and Polished
9'' K&N Filter with Fuel Vapor Canister Removed
PT 51 Turbo with SS Braided Oil Line, and SS Braided Oil return
3'' SS THDP with Dump
Hooker 2.5'' Cat Back Exhaust System with Super Competition Turbo Mufflers, Stock headers, and crossover all ceramic coated

Stock Rebuild
Art Carr Shift Kit
Maxi Kool XL 2200 BTU Heat Rejection flow through vein Transmission Cooler

Rear End:
10 Bolt 8.5'' 30 Spline Eaton Posi
30 Spline Moser Street Strip Axles
New bearings and seals

TurboLink Diagnostic Scan Tool
Fan Switch, TCC Switch, Caspers Knock Guage, VDO Boost, Oil, Water guages, Nitto Extreme Drag Radials

That is all I can remember, My future fixes are:
High Volume Oil Pump, 2800-3000 Stall Converter LU(Must have for Turbo), SMC Alcohol Injection, Scan Master, New Rims and tires, etc. I have to have the stall soon...get paid Friday muahaha.

So what ya think guys? :cool: I can't wait to get it all on. Then when everythign works right I can repaint it and fix the interior bits and pieces. How fast have combos like this gone? I can't wait to get back to SHSU now, there are a few cars that need attitude adjustments. :D

I hope 11s at least, but we will see. I just need to learn how to super tune my car. I can't wait for the parts to get here, I just want to sit in the floor of my living room and put them all together and make turbo noises and run around the house ....and...and.... :p I know, It's better than Xmas though!!! Is it alright to want to do this guys? I mean...well...Hurry up UPS!!! :D

Are you the guy that Cryptic(Will) always talk about that goes to SHSU with him? I am one of the guys from Kingwood he knows.
Yes sir...

Yes sir...that's me. I'm Cory Gober, Will and I met in the cafeteria this year after I was eating lunch and I saw a wierd guy with a Gn shirt on...I had to inquire...he said he say my Gn cruiseing around school and we met up and started to enjoy the dark side. Will is a great guy and he took me down to Kingwood one weekend and I rod ein jeffs car, and met Steve with the TTA and I heard about your car too...But yeah it's me. Whatcha think about the goodies? :D

I would suggest the Keith Mease big-neck intercooler over the Duttwieler version...

Keith's big neck is larger, is better ported and flows more fluidly into the stock side tank.

Contact him for pricing at

If you have a stock IC, and just want the big neck put on, he charges $150 I think.. this includes welding on the new neck and repainting the IC. His work is as good as it gets.

Tell him I sent you :)

There is also a thread on this board regarding pistons... I would recommend and use (if i had the money) the JE aftermarket style pistons. See the thread on this board about pistons to get more info...

good luck
Wot te bloody feck?

Wot Te Bloody feck is a Power Plate? The TRW Forged pistons I have have massive wrist pins, never had any problems with them yet. When I get more $$$ I want to do a girdle and main cap job with other major goodies I just wanted a 12.00 street trim car looks like I may get it! :cool:
Noisy Lifters

They came with the cam, and they don't really bother me all that much, sounds like a diesel truck soemtimes ;) but they aren't THAT bad...I also have Magnecore 10mm race wires...forgot to add those...BTW if anyone wants money I have a garage with a table in can dance while I install new parts :p My best friend is building a 429 in the ooposite stall he weighs 350 is interesting what a fat man will do for money soemtimes... :eek:
The Power Plate is the best add on part you will ever buy, The board is full of information about them. At 59.00 bucks its a good deal. Turbo TC.

Check the threads on the power plate, bud! There has been A LOT of discussion on them lately. Only GREAT things have been said IMO!

you bought all that for 2500?Man I just spent 1600 and got a scanmaster,Racetronix 340 fuel pump kit,4 core radiator,eaton posi installed,big mouth cold air kit and a 400 dollar order to kirban for misc odds and ends.
I see one thing that's really going to hurt you in the long run.You'll need to get a Jay Jackson style throttle body and doghouse.I've done some of these for myself and some other guys up my in the past and the difference it makes is amazing.It gets rid of the restrictions at the T-body inlet and really helps the airflow distribution.Probably the best $100 or so you'll spend.:)
Definately address the intercooler as soon as possible for consistency sake. I dropped .3 over my stocker with a Mark Jackson way back when. Then I went to a FM IC and dropped another .1 or so, even in the heat! Your combo sounds like an easy MID-LOW 11 second set-up. It is VERY similiar to my pop's combo and he runs mid 11's at around 116-117 mph on a conservative 19 psi tune. The larger diameter cross-over pipe wouldn't be a bd idea either since the rest of the exhasut system looks good. I would recommend a Precision Industries 5 disc L/U converter with a #0 pump (~3200 stall) to help that 51 come alive on the street and at the track. Don't forget a line lock and some good brake pads to boot. Some slotted and cross drilled rotors are not a bad idea either. Good luck, the period your in now is very fun indeed. Just remember one thing though, the faster you get, the more of a PITA these cars become!!
BTW, look at my signature mph for the TTA. That is run with nothing more than a TE44, ATR 2.5" DP, Walbro 340 and Nitto DR's and 24 psi with pump gas and alky injection....nothing more! With a good set of slicks and a low 1.6 short time, I'll be running LOW 11's it can be done with a bunch of OE parts.