How much and where to get rear gears swapped?


Jun 11, 2001
The previous owner swapped the 3.42's for 3.73's and included the originals with the sale:) I am wanting to go back to the 3.42's as I can't afford all this rubber:(

I am under the impression that this is not a do it yourselfer job and was wondering how much this may run and who I can go to near Atlanta?

Fair price for an install is $150 (labor).. That's what the going rate is here in Birmingham..
$150.00 Here in Mississippi too. My car has 3:73 gears in it and I'm fixin to change mine back to 3:42 gears also.;)
How are the 3.73? Why do you guys what to change? I understand about possibly having to shift into overdrive in the quarter mile but how is it on the street?
Thanks for the replies!
Anyone know where to take it near Atlanta?

As for the 3.73's on the street, I was running a short tire, BFG 265/50/15, and they just fried any time. I have since put on BFG DR 275/50/15 and it is much better so far. I am thinking about going with a 275/60/15 to replace the 256/50's, I have two sets of rear rims:)

Any idea if my 3.73's are worth anything to anyone? If so, how much?

Thanks again.
I swapped mine myself.I had a peg leg and had to change it out for the eaton.There is a good article on it on gnttype.