How much boost does a TE44 like w/ 93??


Just like the title says!! I am currently @ 15 w/ zero knock, plenty of fuel(780-800 mV @ WOT). I am planning on taking this thing out to the track this week and planned on turning it up a smidge. I cant afford the Alky Kit yet, but do plan to get it. My listed mods are in my sig. Oh yeah, I do have a 100% stock intercooler w/o a shroud:( Thanks!
On 93 you won't be able to run much more than 17lbs or so with the stock intercooler. You will also want to keep 3rd gear timing in the 18* area. HTH
Thats what Im afraid of. The stock intercooler:( I guess I'll play w/ tuning this week and see what I can do. Alky is definatly gonna be the next upgrade!!! Or maybe a 2004R???
i have an old crappy spearco intercooler and ran 17lbs for a while off of the alky, the car was tuned really well on however