How Much HP with factory headers ?

Ive heard of people with cleaned up headers running down into the 10's with them. I have stock headers that have been port matched and have run low 11's so far.

Hopefully going to improve those numbers when I get my new turbo.:D
9.94 @ 138.. full weight car 3660.. puttin out a little power :cool:

Ya, but we all know you are cheating!!! You have a GIRL driving it! That's just not fair!;):D

Yep, stock headers are good to 10.0. Faster than that, there is a probable gain with a better header. Like the Chinese ones on E-bay.:rolleyes:
I have seen several cars that have run in the 10's with stock or slightly modified headers. It really comes down to properly tuning and driving the car.
my question is... I've read where the factory headers can run into the 9's and 10's but,,,,(there's always a BUTT;) ) how much of a restriction are they? If car (A) runs 11.5 with stock headers and car (B) runs 9's:D how much would they pick up with a set of nice headers? Would they be worth 2-3 tenths?