how rare is this?



Anybody have any idea how rare touch sensitive climate control is on an 83 t-type. what about t-tops. I have both and that just seems like a strange combo to me.
I have the touch climate control on my 83, but no T-tops
Where in Washngton are you? I just transfered from there(Tacoma) I use to work at Sea-Tac IAP.
Our black T-Type has T-Tops, but not the touch sensitive climate control. Neither of them have that. It seems that these cars came out with a wide variety of options. I have 2 83 T's, but they are so different. I can not locate any production #'s that are specific to options & T-Type's with the Limited packages & stuff like that.
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Longview, about 45 miles north of portland.

Hey Pat, i've got family up there. Cousins in Vancouver, and an aunt and uncle in Cathlamet, very cool!!!
Hey, I just moved from Woodland WA, you were really close by. What color car do you have?
3-4 months ago, you should take your car to P.I.R. Last time i was there, there was another guy with a black and silver 83 like mine. I would have raced my car but it was not running good at all, only making 3-4 psi.

That is all mine is making right now. I got the turbo cut back breaking in the new motor. Also my cat is plugged. Soon I won't have that prob. I didn't know there were other 83's around here. I can generally spot them from a mile away. All turbo regals for that matter. Mine just got back on the road about 4-5 months ago.