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Jul 21, 2017
Found, what I believe to be, a 1979 Buick Turbo Regal engine for $250. Figured it wasn't a bad price to take a long shot on for the block, pistons, rods, heads, crank, cam, exhaust, turbo (no carb). I bought the engine disassembled and it came with an intake with the turbo setup and another extra intake without a turbo.

As we are going through the engine, a couple things are not lining up.

The block casting number is 1254083. On various sites, that says it is a 1977-78 N/A or 1978 Turbo.

Can anyone confirm?

Is there a definitive source of casting numbers (service manual, GM documentation, etc.)?


Okay yes it's a older block . I wouldn't have bought it personally . You want 109,or a 291 block . The block you got is prob the weakest out of all them . The 484 block is strongest out of the hot air blocks . The 291 block is a 4.1 . And the 109 is the strongest and came in 86/87 NA Regal's and turbo Regal's
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Thanks for the quick reply, Dank!

This is a very budget build so we'll have to stick to what we have for the mean time but I appreciate the suggestions.

How interchangeable are the parts between a 78 Turbo and a 79 Turbo (or other years)? Is there a cross reference list that can help?
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Search around in the link . Agian I would save up and go with a 109 block that can handle Alil power .