How to post pictures help

Bruce Urie

The Ventures,CCR forever!
Dec 30, 2006
Can any of you fellas help me? I've got a new computer here, which is Windows 7, and have uploaded all of my pictures to Kodak Picture Share far, so good.

With this new format, I just can't figure out how to get the url or address of a picture I want to's different from the old program, which thanks to a member here, he showed me how to do it. (back then)

Plus, how do I get a picture of my Grand National in my signature portion? Like a lot of you guys do, it's pretty cool. I click on the picture icon up on the toolbar, and get the rectangle with the empty slot where I'm supposed to put the url of the picture I want.........I just can't figure it out, so...

Would anyone here take the time to please guide me step by step on what buttons to push, in what order and what to do? I sure would appreciate it.........I've got a lot of pictures that I know would help fellow members here in the future.

Don't ask me why I can't figure out this new format......I'm getting old like a bullet...and you younger guys are much more smarter than I am.....

Any help here would be greatly appreciated......whomever helps me, I'll tell them a good of charge!!!!:eek:

Bruce '87 Grand National

Whenever you reply to a thread or post a new thread, look at the bottom of your TB window. There are 3 buttons, the middle is "Upload a File". Click on that and it opens an explorer browser window where you can find the file(s) you want to upload. TB then gives you the option of displaying your pic as the full image or a thumbnail. This won't affect the picture size, only how it's displayed (whenever someone clicks on it, they'll get the fullsize pic).