How to pull the low/reverse center support?


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Nov 20, 2005
I have Chris's book but I remember finding a website on some forume that also had pictures on how to rebuild the 200r4. According to CK's book you need a special tool to remove the low/reverse center support but I remember rebuilding this tranny (a few years ago) and I cant remember how I pulled it out? I know I didnt use any special tools but I cant remember the trick? Anyone?
Pulling it out isn't that difficult as you can just push on the output shaft once you get the snap rings out of there.

Putting it in is a real challenge without the tool as it needs to go in squarely so it slides into its home, hard to do without the special tool.

There are different versions of the tool. the GM recommended one is the best but is expensive.

This one works well, especially for the price:

eBay Motors: GM Lo-Reverse Clutch Remover Installer #2843 (item 170279815039 end time May-15-09 18:48:00 PDT)
I've done it without the tool,what a PITA...I bought the tool and it works much better.
Actually I finally figure it out. I used some MB tools and it worked fine. Came out in like 10 seconds! And thanks to Donnie from DRW Transmission for coming out and making a house call to inspect my transmission. He sets the Standard for customer satisfaction! Thanks!