how to remove POR-15 ?

tom h

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Sep 1, 2001
I was painting my stock cast iron brake calipers with POR15 Grey , and some POR accidentally dripped into the oring grooves for the main retaining bolts.

More precisely, the POR puddled in the groove and cured rock hard a few days later. Now, the orings & bolts won't fit in properly. :mad:

What are best ways to locally remove the POR ? I would HATE to strip the whole piece, am trying to just remove some of the cured POR from the small groove area. It doesn't have to be completely stripped, just trying to get rid of the thick buildup in the groove.

"aircraft" stripper ?
grinding or sanding ?
something else?

I emailed POR tech support, they weren't much help ....

Next time I may coat delicate areas with grease or vaseline to keep paint from sticking.

was able to cut/grind off the hardened POR in the groove, using a tiny deremel cutting saw mounted in my air grinder. Looks like a tiny circular saw blade, except only 1/4" diameter.

sanded out residue with a tiny 1/4" x 1/2 flap sanding wheel (80 grit) .

spent more time acquiring the little tools, than the actual work.

learned my lesson, for next time!