How to Restore Original Rims


Jul 5, 2007
Does anyone know how I would go about restoring the original rims on the GN. Can they be dipped again to restore the chrome luster?
Yes, they can be re-chromed.

As far as cleaning them up...I have used everything. The best I can do is make dull....shiny-dull.
Any of the liquid chrome polishes, as far as they go I have noticed no difference between $ and $$$.

On another note (not highjacking) if you need chrome 1-piece lug nuts, Autozone actually has them. They are almost exactly like the factory ones...for less.
Thanks. I just bought those lugs, they're great. The rims I got when I purchased the car are not in the best of shape, so I'm looking for options. Thanks

I know the size id M12x1.50 and price for 20 with 4 of them being locking was about $24.99 for the set.