How to verify if my pump is dead, or if it's the wiring?


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Feb 13, 2013
Hey all,

I'll try to keep it short. After a lot of battling with getting my new converter in, I was able to determine that my TCC is probably dead (thanks to those who helped on the facebook page). I was hoping to get to the track that day, and was told that if I leave the plug out of the side of the trans, the converter just won't lockup. So I did, and the car ran hard the first pass, but I pushed through the brakes and didn't get a time.

Second pass, I did a small burnout, had a horrible 60' and the boost randomly dropped from 21 psi to 15 psi on the later part of the track, past the 1/8th mile, then back up to 21psi.

Third pass, pull up, start to do a burnout, and the RPM drops way down, then picks back up to where it should be....odd. I pull up to the lights, try to build boost, and no matter how far I push the pedal, it won't build boost. Didn't like the looks of it, so i backed out and aborted the pass. I started to head down the side road, and the car died. Cranked, but wouldn't fire. Was never able to get the car restarted that night, and some fellow racers helped me get the car to where it could be towed home. We were able to start it with some ether, but it quickly died.

so....fuse isn't blown, the pump doesn't kick on, or prime, with ignition on, and with ignition on, the power logger reads 9psi (usually 46psi idling). I'm thinking it's a dead pump, or maybe the relay is toast? how can i verify? Mods in my sig below.


Grey wire behind alt is service wire for pump. Put 12v to it see if it runs

Thanks, I'll check. Does this sound like a reasonable place to start troubleshooting, given what happened?

Could something with the hotwire cause this? like a relay?
The fuel filter was my first thought, but when I got the car back to the garage, I turned ignition on, and didn't hear the pump kick on. I'll replace the fuel filter regardless, though- definitely a good idea.