Hr parts anti rol bar showed up!!!!!

Very nice TT headers,,,
But why so many boat anchors in the shop ..;) ;)
Those are Jelly's work in progress!
He builds a pretty good motor from what I heard.
HRpartsNstuff Anti roll bar

I installed one of these on my GS last fall, took a couple hours and was an easy install. The instructions were fabulous, a person with little mechanical abillity could do it.
Any way it really helped out my car when launching off the line, used to have the drivers wheel about 18" in the air and the pass. about 4'' Now the car comes out dead straight and abot 4'' in the air both tires. I am sure you Turbo Guys will like the Products that HR parts are producing! Paul Ferry puts in tons of time on each piece he develops, and I believe the Quality shows.
I have just installed HRpartsNstuff adj. uppers and 1/4''+ longer lower control arms, heading to Bradenton Fl. next week to test !
Should be fun, and warmer too!


P.S. I'm running the HR Parts Lower control arms on my GN as well.
Originally posted by Trbobuick

Im suprised that you know Chris nickname.

And yes he builds a good motor.

I think John has read about Jellys never ending quest to build a V-8 to hang with a V-6. :D ;)