HRPartsNstuff Anti Roll Bar

I have always struggled with Gbody shuffle in my car. This suicidal nature of my TurboT has grown as the car continues to make more and more power. So, finally I purchased a HRPartsnStuff anti roll bar. This top notch bar was surprisingly easy to install. Best of all, initial hits of the car had the car launching in the most controlled, straightforward manner since twenty five years ago when it was stock. However, the anti roll bar slopes downward toward the front by 8 -9 degrees. My understanding is that the bar should be level when the car is on level ground. The end links are plumb and adjusted to their shortest length. So, is this something to worry about? The end links could be cut to enable the roll bar to be level from front to back?? Thanks
It's a not an issue according to the great support and expertise of Mr. Ferry (HRPartsNstuff). This ARB is flat out fantastic. It fit like a glove even with the 4 inch single exhaust on my car, clearance is spot on everywhere, and the car feels like it is on rails. The street manners of my car and when it launches have never been met with less drama than now.