HRpartsNstuff Holiday SALE !!!

It's time to pass on those Christmas present ideas to your loved ones! You would be surprised how many wives get a swaybar (or more) for their hubby (and other way around too!). I know my wife wouldn't dream of getting car parts for me, but some of you are luckier than me. She gets me what she THINKS I want, not what I REALLY want :cool: Oh well, something is better than nothing & definitely not complaining, just jealous! :D

Here's the deal we are running this year:

FREE SHIPPING (to US48, discounts to other locations) on orders over $200.

For orders over $500, the same shipping offer applies, PLUS get a FREE T-Shirt (kids to 3XL).

For Suspension Packages (over $900), the above offer applies PLUS a free Pro-Protractor to make setting it up easier!

Offer runs from Nov 30th to Dec 15th and quantities will be limited!

Also want to let everyone know that if you need anything delivered before Christmas eve, we would need to get your order in asap. We have been running about 1 week behind on stuff, so PLEASE don't wait till the last minute. If it just works out that way, as usual we will do what we can to make it happen!


We are going to extend this sale out to Christmas (12/25/09)! Been getting a good response so far & seems like we cut it off a bit too early. We can't guarantee Christmas delivery on orders received after the 15th, but will do our best to make it happen! Nothing like shiny race parts under a tree! Plus, no sense filling up Santa's sled with stuff that UPS can deliver :D

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What about for people that spent $1200 just before the special? :frown:

Yeah Paul,

What about me? LOL...........I bought mine back in March of 2007 .

Naaaa..... Never mind I am way to happy with how straight our car leaves.

That anit roll bar ROCKS!!!!

I just wish Jason White Didn't have one;)

Since the online ordering is down on the website, do we have to call in the order? I wish to order the Buick rear sway bar kit! Think I'll give myself an early, unemployed Christmas present!!!
What about for people that spent $1200 just before the special? :frown:

Sorry, can't back the deal up. Got some special circumstances for this sale. Thought I would help by extending it a bit, but can't make you all happy it seems. Besides, that was a month ago, so if I did that, I would have a bunch more wanting something :cool: Wish I could, since I love to help out when I can. If you need something else & got a big pkg recently (like Scott), just send me an email & will try to do what we can. Would do a sale all year if we could, but that would make all my vendors mad :cool: Just trying to get my inventory down to bare bones for year end to help with taxes. Plus need the funds to pay my taxes :frown:

Being in biz is a real eye opener when you realize all the ways the gov't LOVES to tax the small biz owners out there (many ways & multiple times on stuff) & make it super hard to stay in biz & ridiculous to grow or invest back into the biz. Nothing like pay all the tax on money earned, but have to take years to write off some expenses that you do for/on the biz. And then there is the REALLY long list of things any "normal" person would think is a biz write-off & they don't give you. Oh yeah, and do things that keep costs down & make great biz sense & find out because of some little detail they are all of a sudden NOT a biz expense anymore, even though that was the sole purpose of it! It seems you are not rewarded for being honest & hard working anymore whick really sucks.

We heard from several sources that the gov't has hired many more agents to conduct audits. Never guess how we know that one :mad: Guess that was their idea of job creation to help out & help pay for the silly spending they are doing that we will all be paying for decades on. :rolleyes: I guess they also figured we had plenty of extra hours & extra money to get all our paperwork turned in & triple checked & accountant/lawyer fees, and didn't need to do anything silly like "make stuff" or run a biz or grow/expand/hire. Good thing is we missed some write-offs & might get to add them in. It would be one for the record books if they find out they owe me more money from years ago! And maybe get that back with interest & penalties for over charging me on taxes... :rolleyes: yeah right!

FYI - Sad to say but if it keeps down this path, this country will be not much more than services for the aging & medical & food, and all the manufacturing will be somewhere else. Sucks but they seem to be making it harder behind the scenes for sm biz & now are coming after us for more, when in the news they say they are helping the little guys out & want to do what they can to help us grow & create jobs (all BS political smoke screen). Saw on the news where the state went back to '83 on someone to get money supposedly owed to the state. They said to keep your records forEVER, not just 5 or 7 yrs. They are going to get their budget from somewhere, and getting more creative every day!

Don't want to get too political, but for those that believe in Obama, just take some time to watch the FOX news in the am a few times. It's a real eye opener to what is REALLY going on in the country! It's weird seeing the same story run on another channel & leave out or add a few minor notes & the entire meaning of the story changes! Believe half of what you see & a forth of what you hear, or is it a 1/4 & 1/8? :cool:
Oh well, off my soap box & back to receipt diving :(

Since the online ordering is down on the website, do we have to call in the order? I wish to order the Buick rear sway bar kit! Think I'll give myself an early, unemployed Christmas present!!!

Sorry about that, got a super cool site in the works, but busy on other things as you can see from post above. Just call it in, best from 9am to 2:30 pm (eastern time), but call when it's convenient for YOU and if you miss us, just leave Mike a message & he WILL return the call usually within 24hrs.

Also, Thanks for the thumbs up Sam! Sorry didn't reply to your email a while back, been crazy here. Good job for you & Toni in Reynolds! Glad to hear it all is working super!! Glad to add you to our new site too, will have a few pages avail for all you want to send in :) Might have to add us to your signature to get the contingency sponsor prizes :cool: Just catch up to me next event or when you need something, appreciate all the help!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!!

Since the online ordering is down on the website, do we have to call in the order? I wish to order the Buick rear sway bar kit! Think I'll give myself an early, unemployed Christmas present!!!

Craig, this is some of the best money you have ever spent.... YOU WILL LOVE THIS SWAY BAR!!!!! like night and day - say goodbye to wheel hop and launching crazy!!! Even with No traction you still go straight:eek:

ps thx for a great product and all the support for our community Paul
Paul, Love your products. To everyone that will listen I tell them to order their stuff from YOU!. You have the highest quality parts out there.

Low 1.30s for both my car and my brother's car with HRPartsNStuff rear suspension! Nuff Said.
You have the highest quality parts out there.

Nuff Said.

I couldn't agree more!!

photo below (taken by GNregistry) shows two cars fully equiped with HR parts! Notice how straight they both are launching:cool:


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Hey Paul, we hear ya on all the stupid stuff on how the government is against us small businesses :confused: after all who's employing a good majority of the population? :eek: Ahh well, just gotta say I love the full suspension setup and it isn't even on my car! :D Keep up the good work, have happy holidays and we wish you well for the coming year ;) Hope the economy picks up! Im still hoping to get a HRpartsNstuff page in the catalog sometime next year, school just doesn't let up ya know? :mad: Take care! :cool:
I agree with you guys on the way the govt. taxes the small business owner. Maybe if I owned my own business I would be able to feel the LOVE myself!?! Instead I am unemployed and going crazy!

Aaron, I believe you all the way on the sway bar. I will be calling HR and getting on the bandwagon.

Sam, that is a SAAWEEEET pic!!!

I called earlier today after finding that I couldn't order online and there was no answer. I am calculating that everyone is home for Christmas eve, and very much expected. I left a message for Mike on you system for the part that I was wanting to order. Hopefully there will be no problem getting the free shipping still when you open back up again. I just wanted to let you know here as well.

Thanks in advance,

And Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all !

Hey Mike sent you pm.Sorry I was getting ready for christmas and had a family party to go to.I will get back to you saturday.Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!