I am going to try to post a "Deal of the Day or Week" every week .... Keep an Eye Out....

I have been really busy. Plus some family issues.....

But I really need to get this back up and running and I want to get the auction going as well . Only so much energy these days.
But your right..... been lagging and need to get more up. After this weekend I should have a little more time. I will get it happening.
I am letting everyone know that The Grass Doctor works for me now. He has access to any and all of my parts , cars, and from this point on , all of the future business transactions, concerns or communications. He can sell anything I have and/or haggle over prices.
He has proven to be an honest trustworthy dude and can represent me on any sales of parts and or cars.
Just as life was cruising, complications have set in.
I want to thank him for his assistance, dedication and friendship.
He can ALWAYS find me.

So,,,, Ok boys… Please give him the same respect you would give me and Grass Doctor... PLAY NICE!
(In other words... don't piss anybody off!)

Thank You
5:20 pm PST